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The Color Process

The first fish is essentially done, on to creating the base. This is a difficult thing to photograph, capturing the vibrance and depth of automotive paint without being overwhelmed by glare isn't easy. I'll probably get someone to snap some photos in a more professional setting when the base is done and the fish goes on sale, but these give you a hint at the final product, and a peek at the process. You can see that there are several layers of paint involved. I am also done sculpting a second fish and prepping it for painting.


Betta Fish Progress

Well, the experiment with modeling clay was only partially successful and I shelved it for later. I'm doing some one-of-a-kind fish in self-hardening clay, here's some work shots. It was sculpted, covered in resin, and sprayed with a primer for painting.



New Fish Sculpture

I'm working on a new project, something to cast in a mold. I love the color and texture you find in Beta fish, here's a first go at sculpting one in modeling clay. I still have to work out all the details for supporting the clay, and the logistics for making a cast.

In The ShopClose UpClose Up 2


I've always been an AMC fan, I've owned several in the past. I recently found this 1971 Gremlin. It runs well and I'm taking it as a chance to learn my way around body work, repair, and large-scale painting. I'll post photos as I go.



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