Betta Fish Sculpture

Fishy Fishy

Some random shots of prototype fish sculptures. These were completed for testing different materials.

Blue and silver betta fishBlue and silver betta fish wall sculpturesm_23sm_24sm_29sm_30


Big Things 2

Here's some progress pics of the second large sculpture underway, a dragon head.

dragon headDSC_0037DSC_0038sm_8


Big Things

It's been too long since I posted a news update, but here it is. I've been able to get started on some of the larger sculptures I've wanted to do for a long time. I have two underway, one is a baby elephant, the other is a dragon head. Here are some pics of progress on the elephant.

elephant sculpture
elephant sculpturesm_7sm_4


Car things

It's been a while, but I've continued with a variety of work including my ongoing car rebuild. Here are some recent photos of the Gremlin.


The Color Process

The first fish is essentially done, on to creating the base. This is a difficult thing to photograph, capturing the vibrance and depth of automotive paint without being overwhelmed by glare isn't easy. I'll probably get someone to snap some photos in a more professional setting when the base is done and the fish goes on sale, but these give you a hint at the final product, and a peek at the process. You can see that there are several layers of paint involved. I am also done sculpting a second fish and prepping it for painting.